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Baltimore Chiropractor, Dr. Paul Henry

Learning Chiropractic Common Sense First Hand

“As a kid, I was involved in a terrible car accident,” says Dr. Henry. “I was riding in the back seat of the car my father was driving when a drunk driver ran a red light and hit us. I was thrown over the seats and into the dashboard. My head split wide open.”

Baltimore chiropractor, Dr. Paul Henry

Dr. Paul Henry

“The doctors at the hospital stitched me up as best they could and I went on with my life. I played tons of sports over the years and got pretty banged around in ice hockey and wrestling. When I was 26 years old I ended up in a neurosurgeon’s office with pain shooting down my arm and neck and with terrible headaches.”

Dr. Henry was diagnosed with disk degeneration in his cervical spine and was informed that the surgeon wanted to do fusion surgery immediately. He asked about other options including chiropractic and was told that surgery was the only option. The surgeon had, in fact, himself had the same surgery twice.

Knowing that the surgery hadn’t been a cure-all, even for this surgeon, was enough to send Dr. Henry seeking after another solution. He went to see a chiropractor, and over the course of a few months he was well. Perhaps a year later his pain returned, and so he went back to the chiropractor again because that’s what he’d been told to do – come back when your pain returns.

Once again Dr. Henry’s common sense made him question whether this was the right approach. He wondered if simply seeing the chiropractor more regularly would keep him from relapsing at all. And he found that he was correct. Beginning in 1980, Dr. Henry went to the chiropractor once a month, experienced healing that lasted, and in 1988 decided to change careers and study to become a chiropractor himself.

Becoming a Chiropractor

Dr. Henry did his pre-requisite work in Baltimore and transferred to St. Louis to finish his studies in Organic Chemistry in 1989. He went on to graduate from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis in 1993 and moved back to Baltimore to begin working.

After a year working for a chiropractor, and another year working for a medical doctor in a personal injury practice, Dr. Henry was ready to open the doors to his own chiropractic practice.

What Makes This All Worth While?

Dr. Henry enjoys adjusting patients, promoting personal wellness, and the feeling he gets knowing that a patient is stepping out of his office free from pain. He enjoys taking time with each patient, to truly understand their issues and concerns, so that he can help rectifying the problem.

Leadership and Community Service

Professionally, Dr. Henry has served as:

  • Chairman and President of the Maryland Chiropractic Association
  • Member, Board of Directors for Maryland Chiropractic Association for over 16 years
  • Maryland’s Chiropractor of the Year – two awards (2002 and 2006)
  • Member, Logan College Board of Trustees since 2006

Personally, he values service and it shows. A few of the things he stays involved in are:

  • Hosting an annual fundraiser for a local family crisis center which shelters battered women and children
  • Conducting an annual clothing and food drive for the shelter during the holidays
  • Teaching night classes at the local community college

On the Home Front

Dr. Henry and his wife have been married since 1975 – that’s nearly 40 years! He feels truly blessed to have a great family life. Together they’ve raised two successful sons – one who works in software development and another in commercial real estate. So far they have one lovely granddaughter and continue to make family a top priority.

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